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WYSIWYG Art is a collection of original art pieces created by Laurie J. McNeil. The choice to use "WYSIWYG" (What you see is what you get) is because everyone sees something different in Laurie's abstracts.

Laurie McNeil is an accomplished artist in many art mediums, but has best been known for her sculptures of birds from wood and the limited edition bronzes which have been cast from her bird carvings. In addition to carving birds from wood, Laurie also creates custom leaded stained glass windows, paints in oils and acrylics on canvas, and draws with ink and watercolor on paper.

In 2008, Laurie came across some of her sketch books containing drawings she had done from the 70's and the 80's. When her teenage daughter Alexis saw them and thought they were, "Cool", Laurie decided to go back to the way she used to create two-dimensional art and create new drawings and paintings like she did in high school.

Laurie's approach to creating her drawings is simple. When she starts with her Prismacolor pen on watercolor paper, she never knows how it will look until it is completed. This is why everyone sees something different in her unique drawings. her mood dictates the outcome.

Some are simply left in black and white, while others, Laurie will color with watercolor or colored pencils. Prints of Laurie's drawings will be available in the future. These will be printed and available in black and white, or can be custom hand colored by Laurie. The prints will be offered in open editions and in limited editions, depending upon the piece of art.

Laurie also offers her originals in a relatively new type of format of art called ACEO Art, which is very popular on eBay. ACEO stands for "Art Cards Editions & Originals". ACEOs are basically miniature pieces f art. The standard size is 3 1/2"  by 2 1/2" in size, the size of a trading card like baseball cards. What is nice about ACEOs, is that they are an affordable way for everyone to own an original piece of art. Some customers buy one ACEO and others collect ACEOs, just like they would collect other forms of collectible cards.

While Laurie primarily creates her WYSIWYG Art in standard art sizes, she also offers original ACEOs on eBay.

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